How to fix Miracle Box sofware unable to detect MTK preloader drivers

If you are regular in flashing, unlocking and doing other tasks on phones using Miracle box or GSM Alladin software, you might have noticed after a while the software stops recognizing MTK preloader drivers. Other softwares like sp flash tools, wiselink tool, CM2, NCK etc will be able to detect this driver but miracle box/gsm alladin will not be able to.
I've seen guys who even go to the extra mile of reloading their OS completely just to fix this problem 😮💔. The simple and quick fix to this is just to uninstall the current driver on the PC.

What to do.
- Connect MTK device to PC
- When MTK preloader drivers pops up under Ports (COM & LPT), right click it and select unistall
- Tick delete the driver software for this device and OK
- Wait for uninstall process to complete (takes few seconds)
- you can now disconnect the device.
- The driver should work just fine with miracle/gsm alladin.

You can watch the video below for more info on this

Hope this helps

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