How to fix screen overlay detectected error on android devices like Tecno, Samsung etc

If you do not know, screen overlay is a very usefull feature on android device, its what makes some apps able to appear on others eg facebook messenger chat icon.

This annoying screen error usually happens mostly on devices running on android 6.0 marshmallow when you need to grant permission of things such as camera, microphone, contacts, storage etc to an app. If screen overlay is active on some background app, the error "Screen Overlay Detected" appears on the screen. You need to disable it so that you will be able to use the app which you want to grant permission on.
The following below are just ways you will use to stop this error on your android smart phone.

1. Use Button Unlocker app 
This is probably the easiest method
Download and install button unlocker app from playstore
Launch it and allow it in Accessibility option
Now you can go back and enjoy all your apps without screen overlay error

2. Turn off Screen Overlay on all apps
Open settings
Scroll down and open Apps
Then tap on the 3 dots at the top right of the apps screen and select configure apps
Under Advance, select Draw over other apps
A list of Apps with screen overlay present will appear.
Just select the apps and turn screen overlay off one after the other.
When done, screen overlay error will be gone

If you are using Samsung device, the process above is a lil' bit different.
Open settings
Click on Apps and select Application Manager
Tap MORE at the top right of the screen
On the drop down menu, select Apps that can appear on-top.
You will see a list of apps with screen overlay active. Just disable the overlay feature on them one after the other.
Screen overlay error will not appear again after doing this.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps

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