Download Miracle Box 2.58 cracked with loader and fix access violation error

Miracle box 2.58 with loader

Miracle Box is still one of the best software out there for fixing software issues on many types mobile phones. It supports the latest MTK, SPD, Qualcomm and lots of others chipset even iPhone!!! 
You can use this tool to flash and upgrade devices, backup stock rom / firmware, remove frp lock, read security codes/ patterns, anti theft solution and lots more with just few clicks.
Note that the download below is the cracked version of miracle box v2.58 which is not the latest version from official miracle box developers so many new devices might not work well on this version. For me this is more like a demo of what the original software can do. So after using this software, its good to support the developers by buying the original miracle box + dongle or the new miracle thunder to get latest software and update from the company.

Miracle Box 2.58 with LoaderDOWNLOAD

How to install
Turn off your anti-virus
Extract the downloaded file
Run Miracle Box cracked as administrator
On the pop up window that appear, click TRY

How to solve access violation error
Right click on my computer and select properties
Now click on Advance system settings
Click settings under performance bar and select Data Execution Prevention tab
Now tick Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select
Click the Add button below then navigate to the miracle box folder and select Miracle Box_Cracked 2.58
You can now restart your PC and run miracle box with no errors

Fix usb port unstable error
If you have this error when you select any function on miracle box
Download and install the file here to solve the problem

Hope this help

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