How to fix all iTel hang on logo problems (flash process stop with repartition error)

Most new iTel spreadrum devices seem not to flash normally with ResearchDownload and upgrade Download tools. It usually end with repartition error or stuck at flashing NV_WCN.
Well this guide will show you how to flash that stubborn iTel phone A11, A12, Prime4, A42 etc.

Download this spd factory download tool from (iTel hang on logo fix) here
Download latest version of Research download Tool (iTel flash stuck at system fix) here

The flashing process of these devices is in 2 phase. You can watch the video or follow tutorial below

1. Flash with Factory Download tool
Extract and launch factory download tool
Load the iTel pac file you want to flash
Click start button and connect device while holding volume down button.
FactoryDownload tool will detect the phone and download some files then stop at R_NV_W

At this point you are required to disconnect the phone from PC
Disconnect phone remove battery and connect again while holding volume down key
The tool will detect device and download some other files the stop again at FDL2 requiring you disconnect phone from PC

Disconnect phone remove battery and connect again while holding volume down key
Now phone will flash normally but stop at system
After about 10 seconds when it stuck, click stop button and disconnect phone from PC.

2. Flash device using Research Download Tool
Extract and launch Researchdownload tool
Load the pac file you used above
Click start button and connect phone while holding volume down key
Flashing process will start and and finish normal with no break points
Thats it, you have successfully fixed your stubborn iTel phone

Its to be noted that if you have iTel A11 or A12 that hangs on logo what is really necessary to flash and fix it is just the boot image. If you flash only the boot image, the phone will boot properly with all userdata still intact. I will do a tutorial soon on how to do just that so stay tune.
Hope this help

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  1. Then it comes with NO SERVICE, any solution?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Which phone do you have this no service error on and which firmware are you using

    3. look for working phone then backup the nvram with cm2spd and use it for ur NO SERVICE

  2. don't work for itel prime 4, tool hang on check baud uart failed

  3. It didn't work on Itel 1409. It gives an error code=5008, failure to write file, followed by Load bin packet failed. Any help will be appreciated.

  4. Please sir ITEL A series tools links is broken please upload thanks


    Dangerous File Blocked !!

  6. I Have A12 Itel Version Can I Use This Discreption Links A,nt It Suit It ?

  7. Pour moi m'affiche ce message :CheckBaud erreur

  8. finally worked for me Itel A11D

  9. The second tool has been removed... Please can help as with that

  10. pls help with the second tool on a11 thanks.

  11. Thank you so much! It works for me (Itel A11)

  12. i will be happy you get me the link to download the file plz

  13. Please the second file have been removed from mediafire.

  14. Is the second link as well important because it has been removed

    Any solution?

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  16. itel A11 getting stuck on system in research download


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