Download BB10 v10.3.03.2049 Autoloaders for easy bypass of anti-theft protection

BB10 autoloader bypass anti-theft

This autoloader will update your Blackberry 10 device to one of the latest version ie v10.3.03.2049 and make it easy for you to bypass the anti-theft protection lock.
I really like this autoloader it comes with all the latest features and enhancement on BB10 devices and also remove the blackberry protect lock aka anti theft on the device.

If you were trying to remove ant-theft protection using the old universal anti-theft autoloader and BB10 device end up with red light is blinking (3 pulse pers second), that means the phone had been updated to a new version which is no longer supported by a downgrade. What you need to do now is use this updated autoloader which will stop the red blinking light and also help you bypass the anti-theft security
Below are links to download versions v10.3.03.2049 Autoloaders  for Blackberry 10 devices. 

Blackberry Classic - Leap - Z30 Autoloader v10.3.03.2049 SQC100-1/2/3/4/5, STR100-1/2 & STA100-1/2/3/4/5/6

Blackberry Passport Autoloader v10.3.03.2049 _SQW100-1-2-3-4

Blackberry Q5-Q10 Autoloader v10.3.03.2049  SQR100-1/2/3 & SQN100-1-2-3-4-5

Blackberry Z3 Autoloader v10.3.03.2049 _STJ100-1-2

Blackberry Z10 Autoloader v10.3.03.2049 _STL100-1

Blackberry Z10 Autoloader v10.3.03.2049 _STL100-2-3

Blackberry Z10 Autoloader v10.3.03.2049 _STL100-4

If you want to update your blackberry with any of the autoloader above follow the procedures below

Download and install Blackberry Link
Download and extract the autoloader of your device to PC

Launch autoloader
When you see connecting to Bootrom: , turn off device and connect to PC.
If it ask for password, type in password of the device and hit Enter key.

If you do not know password, enter wrong password 10 times.
Now wait for the flash process to complete.
When the autoloader window closes, the process is complete.
Phone will Reboot.

Setup the device normal.
If you see anti-theft page, enter any wrong email and password 10 times or it keeps refusing to show sign in page.
Reboot device and enjoy your new update.

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  1. well i tried it, connected the Wi-Fi but it couldn't show where to sign up, i restarted the device but nothing changed


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