Solution to TouchPad not Working after updating Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro SM-J730G

Updates are suppose to bring new features, security and make and overall give a better experience on a device. Updating the Samsung J7 NXT SM-J730 to Oreo brings a huge problem to the user. The touchpad stops working immediately after the update is complete. This is usually a nightmare to most users because the feel their newly updated device have just had a screen/touchpad problem which is kind of expensive to buy. 
If you are a victim of this, follow the tutorial below for the solution.

What you need
Wired Mouse
Samsung USB drivers
Samsung J7 Pro SM-J730G 4 File Repair Firmware
Odin Flash Tool

Step 1: Enable OEM unlock and USB Debugging on phone
Since the touch pad of the device is not working, to enable OEM unlock and USB debugging, you will need USB OTG cable and USB wired Mouse.
- Connect the OTG cable to Samsung J701F then at the other end of the OTG cable, connect the USB mouse.
- Now you will see mouse icon on the device screen.
- Navigate to settings > about and click on build number 7 times to enable developers option
- Go back to setting and enter Developers options where you will enable usb debugging and OEM unlock.

Note: If OEM Unlock is hiding or RMM State: Prenormal (in Download Mode) as shown below,

Put phone into download mode and connect to to PC.
Run Miracle Box (the cracked version work just fine) and open Samsung tab, select Reset Reactivation/EE Locks and click Start Button.
When you see All Done, process is complete.

The device will hang in Download mode and unable to boot properly (do no panic).

Step 2: Flash Samsung J7350G Repair Firmware
Download and install Samsung USB drivers
Download Samsung 4 files repair firmware file from the above link.
Download and extract odin flash tool from the link above and extract using winrar.
Launch Odin
Select the 4 files from the firmware folder respectively ie BL, AP, CP and CSC
Put phone into download mode and connect to PC
Click start button and wait for process to complete (do not disturb device until it completes)
When you see PASS, flashing is complete
Phone will reboot 

You can now enjoy your device with touch pad working perfectly
Hope this helps

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