Elephone Vowney a smartphone running both Windows 10 and Android OS

Vowney a new device from Chinese phone manufacturer Elephone which can run both Windows 10 and Android operating system. Actually there are two variants of this device. 
One with a Quad-Core intel processor that can dual boot between Windows 10 Mobile an Android 5.0 lollipop operating system and the other powered by a 64bits octa-core MediaTek MT6595 processor running Android 5.1 lollipop only.

Its a 5.5 inch device with FHD IPS display with killer resolution of 1440x2560 an 535ppi (2K Screen).

Finger print sensor located at the back of Phone capable of unlocking the phone in 0.5 secs.
32GB internal Memory expandable with upto 64GB microSD
There are rumors that the camera and battery specs of the variants will not be the same.
The quad core model will have 21 Mega Pixel rear camera an 8 mega pixel front and 4200mAh battery while the octa-core model will spot a 20.7 mega pixel rear camera with 8 mega pixel front 3800mAh battery.
This device come in white, black and gold colors

September 30th is the day of release for the octa-core model of Vowney with price tag of $299.99 while the quad core variant running both Windows 10 and Android 5.0 rumored to be released on October 10th. Price of this variant is not out yet.

This phone is definitely a sureBet for those who will like to have an easy experience of Windows and Android on a smartphone. You can pre-order yours from here

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