Gangstar Rio City of Saints Android Game

Today is Sunday which I believe is a day most of us rest and forget about work. Why not grab your android device and have some fun. Yea! we don't only repair phones we have fun with them too.

Download Gangstar Rio City of Saints and have great fun this weekend. I know this game is kind of old, but if you want to catch real fun with your device this weekend then play this 3D Action Shooter game as a gangstar in the magnificent city of Rio de Janeiro were there more than 60 missions and casual events for you to complete....

This game requires an ARMv7 device.
Different devices uses different cache files. So it is always best to download cache file suitable to your device using wi-fi or cellular data
Copy cache files to sdcard/Android/data

Gangstar City of Rio Game
Gangstar City of Rio Cache

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