GTA - Grand Theft Auto San Adreas

Its another Sunday lets have some fun with this old but one of the most popular games on planet earth Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I think people or other creatures actually play this game on other planets  lol..
This game was debuted on Playstation 2 and other consoles later ported to PC now on Android. This game is just like Gangstar Rio City of Sanits but only better.
Use the popular Karl Johnson and Roam around the city of Adreas driving all sorts of vehicles with the police and other gangs chasing you.
Better graphic display on your phone/tablet
Long story line
Many weapons at your disposal
Mini games etc
have fun with this game

This game works only on devices with android 3.0 an above

How to install this game
*Download and install GTA Game V1.3
*Download and extract GTA Game Cache 1 & 2
*Copy the cache files to SDcard/obb/com.rockstargames.gtasa

GTA Game V1.3
Size - 10.3MB

GTA Game Cache 1 
Size - 1.5GB

GTA Game Cache 2 
Size - 240MB


  1. Thanks Buddy you are really doing a great job here.....

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  3. This was my favorite game ever. It is a pity that modern games are not so cool and interesting.

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