How to flash/unbrick Motorola devices using mfastboot (moto-fastboot)

Those using Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 must have discovered that when trying to flash Motorola devices using RSD Lite, after connecting the device to PC the device does not appear under device properties or model so you can't flash it. You might even go further installing all sorts of drivers just to make it work and still end up in vain.
On a normal adb/fastboot package can flash images to all android devices. But the Motorola system.img is too heavy for the normal adb fastboot package to flash so that's why we go for mfastboot Motorola own customized fastboot.
This  tutorial will show you how to flash Motorola devices using mfastboot (moto-fastboot) which is able to flash that system.img file.
You can also use this tutorial on Windows 7 and below especially if you just want to flash just specific parts on the device

After typing each command, Press Enter Key to execute it
This process will wipe your device completely make sure you do a backup of your personal files before you do this
Again do this at your own risk! RomKingz is not responsible on whatever may happen to your device after you use this tutorial
watch the video below or follow the guide

Getting the packages involved
Download and install adb setup package
Download an install Motorola drivers
Download the stock firmware of the Motorola device you want to flash (copy to desktop)
Download and extract moto-fastboot

Setting up the package
Now copy moto-fastboot.exe to the stock firmware folder found on desktop
Rename it to moto-fastboot to mfastboot
Put device into AP Fastboot mode and connect to PC

Preparing device for flash process
Launch command prompt
Navigate to Desktop by typing the following cd Desktop
Navigate to the firmware folder found on desktop by typing cd [input firmware folder name]
Now you are inside firmware folder,
Check if your device is connected to pc by typing mfastboot devices
If you see numbers and letters followed by fastboot then device is connected
ie - XFA35BNK7         fastboot

Flashing process
We are going to flash all the image files found inside the firmware folder ie boot, motoboot, recovery & system

To flash boot image, enter the following command
mfastboot flash boot boot.img

when boot.img flashing is complete, enter the following command to flash motoboot image
mfastboot flash motoboot motoboot.img

when motoboot.img flashing is complete, enter the following command to flash recovery image
mfastboot flash recovery recovery.img

when recovey.img flashing is complete, enter the following command to flash system image
mfastboot flash system system.img

Now you have flashed all the images inside the firmware folder its time to do a factory reset
To factory reset the device, enter the following command
mfastboot erase userdata

Reboot device by entering this command
mfastboot reboot

Device will reboot

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial
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  2. what have I to do if the bootloader of the phone is locked ?

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