How to bypass phone activation on Verizon LG G2 VS980

After a successful factory reset, flash or upgrade LG G2 VS980, when setting it up the phone will want to activate with a Verizon SIM card present inside. If you have a working Verizon SIM no worries it will activate within seconds but if you don't, you will be stuck on the activation page an all you will be able to do with the phone is make emergency calls which is really boring an annoying.

Well don't sweat it. The following trick below will show you how to bypass this activation with ease.

Turn on the phone
When its on select language page, press the following key combination
Volume up - Volume down - Back - Home - Menu
Select Skip Wizard from the pop up that appears
Thats all.
enjoy your phone again

Anytime I do this, I feel like a kid trying to input cheat codes on SEGA and NES games ahh those were the good old days. 
By the way do you remember the legendary Contra 30 lives cheat (up up down down left right left right B A Select Start) that was one of my favorite :D .

Have a fun week end

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