How to fix Blackberry 10 device that deletes all data after restart

Sometimes after flashing or upgrading a Blackberry 10 devices the normal setup process (eg select language etc) is not seen but phone boots up normal. Most times we ignore this thinking everything is OK and continue with restoring backed up userdata and also download new apps on the device. Then the nightmare comes when you restart the phone and discover that  all data inside is deleted thus you need to start restore and download everything again from scratch. 
This is very frustrating if you deal with BB10 devices often you will just be tired because restoring userdata on them takes awful lot of time.

Well enough said lets go straight to how to deal this annoying bug.

PC & USB cord
Download Blackberry Link Software from here
Download Blackberry fix from here
And of course the blackberry you want to fix

How to get rid of the problem
Install Blackberry Link Software. It contains Blackberry drivers
When installation is complete, extract and launch Blackberry Fix
When blackberry fix is up and running, connect Blackberry 10 device to PC
Blackberry fix will dectect the device 
Click Fix button
After few seconds, you will get a success message.
The Blackberry will restart
You will now set it up properly

Thats all your device will never delete data after a restart again
hope this helps

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  1. Thanks please can you tell us the new way on how to bypass bb 10 anti theft


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