Fixing bad LED (lights) inside a smartphone screen

ASUU is striking again, thats a bad one for the university students but a +1 for me because I can enter the campus without being noticed by some of my old buddies 😊. Still I could not escape this fate.

My favorite mobile phone hardware engineer in that campus Mr. Might aka Phone Doctor 😜 out of boredom because of no work was just gazing around and got a sight of me. I met him for some chit chat then out of the blue a guy came with a Samsung clone device. The screen of this phone is just dark you can only see stuffs there if you take the phone into a dark place (ie screen lights were out).

I suggested that he should just change the screen entirely but Mr. Might said he is going to run the light inside the screen that he has done it several times. Ok, then I told his boy to video the process it could make a good blog post by the way what do I have to loose 😉 and he did just that even though his hands were shaking we can still see what is going on.

Yea although I'm not really a big fan of mobile phone hardware stuffs because of the small parts it was really amazing how he took the the screen apart and connect whatever he was connecting  😂😂😂.  Anyway have fun watching the video I think you can learn a thing or two from it.

If you ever find yourself in Federal University of Technology Owerri (FUTO), you can locate my guy Mr. Might along Ezobodo Road for your mobile phone hardware repair. 

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