How to enable virtual CD Drive AutoRun on ZTE USB Modems

For some reason (usually when you update the firmware), most ZTE usb modems especially MF180 and MF190 usually loose the virtual CD drive AutoRun feature. If you plug the modem to PC you will not see the plug & play AutoRun pop up which means the modem is stuck in download mode.
Since that is not available, you cannot install the dashboard and drivers for the modem which makes user unable to use the modem on a new PC. 
Well if you have this problem, don't sweat it there is a quick fix which is going to make your modem run normal and smooth.

If you are tying to use the device on a PC for the first time, you have to install the drivers of the modem. Since you do not have access to AutoRun virtual cd installer,  you will need to download and use ZTE installer of another modem so as to have drivers for the modem. 
Download ZTE dashboard and drivers from here

Install the file downloaded above then connect the usb modem to the PC. This will enable the modems Application and Diagnostic port. When that is done, you can go to the next step.

Now download DC unlocker tool from here or official website
Launch DC Unlocker
Under select manufacturer, select ZTE datacards then click the search icon
When DC Unlocker successfully detects the modem, click at the end of the log ie beloow the ================= line and enter the following code AT+ZCDRUN=F then press Enter key
When you see the success message, disconnect and reconnect the modem. Autorun feature will now be available for use. The following screenshots below can give more guidance.

Hope this helps

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